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2014/15 Season start dates:
Divisions of 12 teams will start Thursday, 18th September 2014
Divisions of 14 teams will start Thursday, 11th September 2014
The following Divisions will possibly contain 13/14 teams:
2 Central; 2 West; 3 Central North; 3 South West; 4 South East
5 Central South; 5 North; 5 North East; 5 South West

WELCOME to the web site of the North West Counties Squash Leaque, one of the largest competitive squash leagues in the world.

The NWCSL has been in existence for well over 50 years.

The main 'winter' league runs from September through to April.

Clubs in the North West currently compete in up to 5 divisions, operating at pyramid system containing around 25 to 30 sections, with some 2000 players involved. Some restructuring of the leagues is being considered, which will be presented to the 2014 AGM for approval.

The NWCSL also operates a 'summer' league during May to July for clubs in the areas covering Manchester, South Manchester, North & Mid Cheshire.

Results from the matches, which are currently played either on Thursday evening or Tuesday evening for Division 1, are 'posted' via this web site using the ResultsZone software by either Club Administrators or Divisional Representatives. This system also allows clubs to easily view match results and team position in the leagues. A player ranking system, which ranks all the players in the league across all divisions and sections, rather than just the players in each of the individual division sections.

For further information, please contact the General & Match Secretaries through the 'Contact Us' link.



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